Pillingers Hiring Service P/L
4 Jessica Place-Prestons
(Liverpool) NSW 2170
Phone: 02-9607 3610
Fax: 02-9607 0811





  • Payment - Unless you have an account with us, full payment is due prior to hire or on delivery.
  • Responsibility - All responsibility remains with the hirer for the caring of hire equipment when delivered until pick up and there is no insurance cover on any equipment. If theft occurs while the items are in your care and control you have an obligation for replacement, either through cash settlement or a claim on your own insurance.
  • Breakages / Shortages - Our staff carefully checks and packs all orders. If notice any items missing or damaged when you receive your order, please notify us immediately. When your order is returned all shortages or damages must be paid for.
  • Bond - Cash deposits is required with your order and prior to delivery. Bonds by cheque will be refunded 10 working days after the date of return. Bonds will not be refunded by the driver. Cash deposits may be collected at the office or otherwise will be refunded to you by cheque.
  • Cartage and Labour Fees - Where goods are to be delivered or picked up by the company a cartage fee will be charge according to the distance and degree of difficulty involved.
  • Cleaning - All equipments must be clean on return or cleaning fee will be charged on any item return dirty.
  • Cancellation - In the event of cancellation by the hirer more than 1 week prior to the event the booking fee is non refundable but may be transferred to cover another date.
    Less than 1 week but more than 48 hours - 25% of total hire. Cancellation within 48 hours of event - total charges.
  • Weekend Work - When an event is to take place on a weekend, our normal procedure is to deliver Thursday-Friday and pick up Monday-Tuesday. However, if we elect to deliver or pick up on a Saturday or Sunday, we may do so at our expense. Otherwise, an extra labour fee will be charged.
  • Pointers - Additional charges include: Delivery and Hire Tax.
    We have the right to alter our prices without any notice.
    Reduced charges may be offered for long term hire.
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